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Understanding the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning in Florida


Tree trimming and tree pruning are two different services, but many people often confuse the two. These aren't interchangeable terms, and understanding the differences between the two services can help you make an informed decision when you look for tree solutions. Here is a look at how these services differ, and when you should consider one or the other.

How Tree Trimming and Pruning Differ

Tree trimming involves shaping a tree to make sure it continues to look good or to increase the tree's ability to complement its surroundings. Tree pruning, by contrast, serves to make sure the tree stays in good health and grows as intended.

The reason these terms sometimes seem interchangeable comes from the fact that professionals can use similar techniques to accomplish either of these things. By pruning a tree to maintain its health, an arborist may need to do some trimming. While trimming a tree to improve its looks, the arborist may also improve the health of the tree in the process.

Nevertheless, these two services aren't always the same, nor does one always accomplish the goals of the other. You will have to choose which service will work best for your needs.

What Tree Trimming Accomplishes

Have you ever attempted to cut your own hedges? You likely attempted to trim the hedges into a pleasing shape or generally tried to make them look neat. This is what tree trimming accomplishes as well. Tree trimming also serves various other purposes, and it's in these purposes that trimming often crosses over with pruning.

As stated, aesthetics is the focus of trimming. But it involves more than just removing certain branches. Arborists must make sure what they trim won't negatively affect the tree in any way. They must make calculated assessments and trim without damaging the tree's structure or the tree's ability to grow.

Safety is another reason to have your trees trimmed. Trimming takes care of broken limbs and branches that can pose a danger to people or structures. Arborists can also trim a tree so that it doesn't block important signs and views. In some cases, the trimming can serve to prevent future growth towards things like utility lines.

As an added benefit, tree trimming can also help with the health of a tree. As a professional arborist trims the tree, they may remove weakened, damaged, or diseased branches, which can help maintain the tree's overall health.

In addition, tree trimming can help control the growth of a tree. In some cases, the trimming can help a tree grow, but it can also help to slow down the growth of a tree. Slowing growth can become important if you have a tree that's already very large and still growing or if you have one that grows exceptionally fast.

What Tree Pruning Accomplishes

You can think of tree pruning in Florida as a subcategory of trimming since pruning does involve some trimming as well. However, tree pruning focuses primarily on the health of the tree before any other concerns.

When arborists prune a tree, they take the entirety of the tree into account. The health of a tree can involve every part of the tree, from the roots to the crown. For example, pruning can involve trimming certain parts of a tree so that sunlight can reach other parts of it to help it grow. Arborists may also do some trimming to remove dead or diseased parts of the tree.

If something about the growth of a tree will damage other plants that grow beneath the tree, the arborist can take that into account when pruning. Equally, if something growing around or close to the tree threatens the health of the tree, this too can become something an arborist will deal with.

Root pruning can also represent an aspect of tree pruning in general. Roots can do a lot of damage to property or structures if left unchecked. Tree pruning professionals can prune the roots to protect your property and keep the tree healthy.

How Tree Trimming and Pruning Work Together

Consider both tree trimming and pruning. Florida trees require expertise and knowledge of how the local climate affects them. In addition, some trees, such as flowering ones, have different considerations from non-flowering trees.

These and other details help to determine the proper course of action when it comes to tree trimming and pruning. Trimming and pruning should occur on a schedule, and a professional service can help you ascertain when it's the right time for either.

Professional trimming can help keep your trees looking good, but pruning will ensure your trees are both healthy and safe. Think of the difference between the two as the difference between a routine checkup and a full-scale diagnostic. Your trees need both.

Whether you need tree trimming, tree pruning, or any other type of tree service in Florida, contact the Certified Arborists at Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.

Kimberly Woebse