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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

6 Ways You Can Benefit From Trees on Your Property

If you ever venture into the great outdoors, you often do so because you love the look and feel of nature. You love to be surrounded by trees and bushes. The sounds of chirping birds and wind rustling through the leaves make you feel peaceful and at home.

But you don’t have to take an outdoor adventure to enjoy these benefits. In fact, if you add trees to your property, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful noises all the time. You’ll also experience several other benefits, such as those listed below.

Read on to learn exactly how you can benefit from adding trees to your property.

1. Raise Your Property Value

At some point or another, you may consider selling your home. Your home’s resale value depends entirely on the size and layout of the building, the location, the house’s condition and age, the negative events that have occurred in the home (like a violent crime or natural disaster), and the upgrades you’ve made to the property.

If you want to boost your property’s value, one of the best outdoor upgrades you can make is to add trees to your landscaping. Potential buyers want the outside of a home, including the yard, to look as nice as the inside. Trees provide a home with additional privacy, and surveys show that many potential buyers are more likely to purchase a property if it has several well-maintained trees on it.

In fact, the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers estimates that mature trees can increase your property value by up to $10,000.

2. Lower Your Utility Bills

Whenever you go outside during warm days, you likely prefer to sit under trees because the shade is often cooler. You can use this same principle to cool your home on excessively hot days. Plant several shade trees strategically around your property, as near to your house as safely possible.

The added shade will block direct sunlight and enhance your air conditioner’s performance. The appliance won’t have to work as hard to cool down your home, and your utility bills will lower as a result.

3. Cool Your Neighborhood

Not only do extra trees cool down your home, but they also cool down your neighborhood. If you and your neighbors all added a few trees to your property, the average temperature of the area would drop by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The trees break up patches called “heat islands,” or areas that aren’t protected by shade, by protecting them from direct sunlight. Additionally, the trees release water vapor to further cool down the air.

4. Use Less Water in Your Yard

As previously mentioned, trees release water vapor into the air to cool down the areas surrounding it. Likewise, the shade your tree provides protects the grass and other plant life and prevents water from evaporating too quickly.

Because your plants will retain moisture for longer, you won’t have to water your trees, yard, or garden as often. Your home’s utility bills will go down as you use less water to care for your landscape.

5. Encourage the Presence of Wildlife

Florida is perhaps one of the top states for unique and plentiful wildlife. If you want to see more birds, butterflies, or other kinds of wildlife on your property, add different species of trees and plants to your yard.

Oak and dogwood trees are perfect for attracting birds like cardinals, bluebirds, thrushes, and catbirds. Berry trees, like mulberry or sugarberry, provide easy food access to birds like orioles, bluebirds, warblers, and thrushes. Shrubs and vines can attract butterflies to further enhance your yard.

6. Prevent Negative Environmental Impact

As we continue to use natural resources, the environment is negatively impacted. When you plant trees along your property, you can help mitigate some of those effects. For example, trees can absorb sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and nitrogen oxides in the air. The bark and leaves trap these particulates so you don’t breathe them in.

Trees also absorb and store carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the air. This entire process can make the air cleaner over time. According to some reports, throughout one year, one acre of fully grown trees can absorb the amount of carbon dioxide that your car produces in 26,000 miles of driving. An acre of grown trees can also create enough oxygen for almost 20 people in about a year.

Likewise, trees can reduce water runoff in rainstorms and other water-related natural occurrences. Tree trunks prevent water from flowing around it and instead allow the runoff to settle into the ground below the tree. If there is any debris or pollutants in that water, those contaminants won’t get into lakes and ocean water. Instead, the tree will filter that water as it’s absorbed and replenish groundwater supplies


Ready to take advantage of the benefits listed above? Get in touch with the experts at Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc. We have decades of experience working with various kinds of trees. Once you add trees to your property, trust us to trim and prune your trees to keep them healthy. If your trees ever get ill or damaged, we can also remove it to protect your property and other plant life.

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