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Tips and Tricks

7 Signs You Need to Trim Your Trees

You make your yard into an outdoor haven. You mow your lawn every week, eradicate all threatening weeds, and surround your home with innovative flower arrangements. You do everything you can to keep your plant life healthy and vibrant-but you don’t know what to do with your trees.

Trees provide a canopy over the rest of your yard, and they can even bring you fresh fruit and blossoms if you maintain them properly. To keep your trees in prime condition, and to ensure that your entire yard reaps the benefits, schedule regular tree trimmings.

Read this post to find out about seven reasons to get your trees trimmed as soon as possible.

1. To Add Curb Appeal

Part of the benefit of having trees stems from their cosmetic appearance. You know it’s time to trim your trees when you notice broken branches that ruin your trees’ appearance. Broken branches attract insect infestations and threaten your yard’s health. These unseemly growths also distract you from your trees’ natural beauty, and they pose a threat to visitors.

Trimming your trees also gives you the chance to create special shapes out of your trees. You can prune branches to keep your trees small, sculpt topiaries, or create an espalier.

2. To Train Your Trees

You might think that trees naturally grow in a pattern that is best for their health. In reality, trees need regular pruning to keep them in the proper shape. If you notice crowding or crossed branches on your trees, you know that you need to schedule a trim.

Proper pruning trains the branches to grow with the proper spacing from other branches and surrounding plants. For fruit trees, pruning allows the tree to bear the most fruit without overloading or breaking off branches. Shade trees also benefit from pruning that allows the trunk to grow tall before the branches take over.

3. To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Your trees can’t survive if they have insects crawling in their branches or diseases infecting their leaves. To maintain the health of your backyard trees, eliminate any diseased, dying, or already dead portions of wood. You should also look out for weakly-attached branches and water sprouts that create a safety hazard.

Remember that you need to get rid of all affected branches, so make sure to trim your tree deep enough that you don’t find any diseased stumps leftover.

4. To Upgrade Fruit and Flower Production

If your tree blossoms or produces seasonal fruit, it will decrease production as it grows larger. The more branches your tree has, the smaller the fruit will be on each individual branch. When you prune your tree, you contain the growth and direct the nutrients into larger branches to produce larger fruits and flowers.

Blossoming trees typically only flower on new growths, or branches that are only a couple years old. Regular pruning will ensure that your tree always has new branches to blossom in the springtime.

5. To Restrict Overgrowth

Unless you live on an open field, your trees will encounter obstacles. Large shade trees may run into power lines as they grow older. Smaller trees can become entangled with fence posts in your neighbor’s yard, or can crowd out other beautiful plant life.

If your tree has grown too large for its allotted space, schedule a trimming. Cutting branches will reduce electrical hazards from power and telephone lines, and will also prevent your giant trees from dropping fruit or large branches directly on your house.

6. To Add Life to Surrounding Plants

If you have a small yard with lots of foliage, the roots from your varied plant life can compete for resources. Larger plants can also restrict air circulation and block out needed sunlight.

Give your smaller plants a chance to thrive in your yard by trimming your trees for maximum wind and light access.

7. To Improve Your View of Natural Scenery

Whether you live near the beach or a historic downtown region, you want your family and any house guests to have access to the sights and sounds of these scenic vistas. Overgrown trees can block your view and make you feel isolated from your surroundings.

At your next tree trimming, talk to your professional team about pruning trees to allow you to see the view from your window or patio. Your team will clear away unnecessary greenery without damaging the integrity of your tree.

If you identify with any of these reasons, your trees could use a trim. Talk to a professional beforehand about your yard’s needs, and be prepared to discuss your vision of how to improve your trees’ health and your property’s appearance.

For more information about tree trimming, chat with your local arborist. He or she can walk you through the process of tree trimming and give you a consultation for your individual needs.

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