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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

How to Prepare for a Backyard Wedding

Most people rent special venues when they want to get married or host a reception. However, you own a beautiful, large, and impressive yard that creates the perfect backdrop for these special occasions. After all, why rent when you already own the best venue?

Before you welcome guests into your backyard, you need to make it look pristine. Use the tips below to transform your trees, flowerbeds, and lawn into an idyllic scene before the big day.

1. Remove Dead or Sick Trees

Perhaps lightning struck and killed a tree on your property, and you haven’t had the time to remove it yet. Or maybe a storm broke branches off of your tree, and it died afterward. In any case, you need to have professional arborists cut the tree down before the wedding-and not just for aesthetic reasons.
While dead trees look unattractive, they also create a safety hazard. Their dead limbs could fall and hit your guests. The trees could also fall over and cause worse injuries or damage your decorations. Prepare in advance so these accidents don’t happen during the wedding.
Sick trees present similar problems as dead trees. Have your arborist inspect the sick ones to see if you can save them. If you can, take the necessary steps to prune them and boost their health before the event. But if you can’t save them, cut them down before they cause safety issues.

2. Remove Unsightly Stumps

Sometimes stumps make an attractive addition to a backyard wedding’s decor. However, in other cases, they look ugly and lazy. They can also turn into a tripping hazard if they stand in the middle of high-traffic areas.
If you can’t incorporate the stump into the event’s theme, call your arborist to grind it down or remove it. Keep in mind that larger stumps have deeper roots, so they may prove impossible to completely remove. Your arborist can tell you more when he or she evaluates the situation.

3. Trim Trees to Make Them Neat

While you have your arborist onsite, don’t forget to ask for tree trimming and pruning. Sometimes trees grow out of control so their branches no longer look as graceful as they should. They look busy and messy instead, and you don’t want that kind of backdrop for your wedding.
Also, tree branches may block windows and pretty views, or they may droop so low that guests could knock their heads. Have your arborist take these problems into consideration as well. He or she will know how to best trim your trees to keep them healthy.

4. Prune Roots to Prevent Tripping Hazards

Normally, you should leave tree roots alone because these massive plants rely on them for nutrients. If you sever even one large root, the tree could die. However, sometimes you have no choice because the roots create tripping hazards.
Again, your arborist can help you with this task. He or she will examine the tree and determine whether or not the root plays an important part in the plant’s health. He or she will then prune accordingly.

5. Give Your Flowerbeds an Attractive Groundcover

For some, bare dirt looks attractive. But for others, it looks undeveloped and unpleasant. Make your yard’s appearance beyond reproach by investing in a groundcover. Even something as simple as wood chips can bring texture to your flowerbeds. Additionally, wood chips act as compost as they break down, so they’ll also keep your flowers healthier.

6. Plant Your Flowerbeds in Advance

Flowers, ornamental grasses, bushes, herbs, and other plants all need time to grow before the wedding. Otherwise, they may not look as lush as you’d like. So, two or three weeks before the event, plant your preferred vegetation.
Make sure your flowers match the wedding’s color scheme. Don’t forget to fertilize and water your plants regularly either, or they might look dry and droopy.

7. Boost Your Lawn’s Health

If your lawn doesn’t have the uniformly lush aesthetic you desire, act now to improve its health. Use fertilizer and water first to see if those strategies make any changes. If they don’t, consider installing new sod in dead areas. You’ll need a couple weeks for that sod to integrate with the rest of your lawn.

8. Level the Ground (If Necessary)

If you have a deck or patio, or if your yard seems more or less level, you don’t have to worry about this tip. But if you have a hilly backyard, you have to create a level space so your guests don’t have to worry about tipping over as they sit to eat or watch the ceremony. Build a deck or have a landscaper level parts of your lawn to fix this problem.
If you don’t think you can handle one or all of the tips listed above, call landscaping professionals to do them for you. Your backyard will look fit for a wedding in no time!

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