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Tree Trimming and Removal for Largo, FL

In recent years, Largo, FL, has worked hard to restore the town to the urban forest it once was. Through street-beautification programs and community projects, the city’s efforts have attracted enough attention to be dubbed a Sterling Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation.

If you want to do your part to restore the beauty of Largo, FL, rely on our tree service for preventive care and maintenance of your trees.

Keep Your Trees Healthy With Tree Trimming

When you rely on Pete & Ron’s Tree Service for frequent tree trimming and pruning, you’ll help your trees in more ways than one. Besides shaping up foliage and removing scraggly branches, we can remove dead or diseased limbs so your trees will be able to expend more energy growing taller, stronger, and healthier.

Treat Illnesses Before They Kill Your Trees

In the unfortunate case that one of your trees does get sick, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help diagnose and treat the condition, whether it’s root rot, Dutch elm disease, anthracnose, or something else.

Protect Your Family and Property With Tree Removal

Sadly, sometimes trees die despite our best efforts to keep them alive. Falling limbs from dead trees can cause property damage or even injury to passersby. Protect your family and property in Largo, FL, by calling on our tree service to safely remove your tree and stump. You can reach us at (727) 586-5113.


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