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Providing Complete Florida Tree Services

Providing Complete Florida Tree Services to Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties.

Natural Tree Pruning Service

Tampa Bay Oak Pruning Specialist

A properly maintained tree adds great value to your property. To remain healthy, trees require proper care. Natural tree pruning can solve many of the problems associated with Florida trees. And, it is always in the best interest of your personal safety as well as the welfare of your trees to call in a professional tree pruning specialist like Pete & Ron's Tree Service company to make your trees look beautiful.

Our Tampa tree pruning includes: Pruning of dead, dying, diseased, low, interfering, weak or hazardous branches. Thinning for light and wind filtration and mistletoe removal.

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling service is available to provide support to weak tree crotches or potentially dangerous limbs by connecting 2 or more limbs together. This technique can be used to make a valuable tree safe for many years.

Free Wood Chips

We chip and recycle virtually all our wood from our pruning and removal work. Our large chippers allow us to process the wood into a desirable useable mulch or groundcover. Whether you are a Tampa homeowner, Clearwater landscaping firm, Sarasota County government entity, St Petersburg residential or commercial property, our wood chips will work for you. These chips are good for landscaping, driveways and composting. We deliver them free of charge. Our delivery loads are approximately 6-8 cubic yards and we can deliver as many loads as you would like! We put you on our chip list and deliver the next time we are working in your area. Contact us to be put on the Tampa free wood chip list.


Root Pruning Service

Florida trees often need to have root pruning, to prevent tree roots from uplifting driveways, walkways, swimming pools and house foundations.

Tree Care - Sick Tree Diagnosis and Management

Our Tampa Certified Arborists are trained to recognize, diagnose, and care for trees that have developed problems or that have become hazardous. Some of the most common things we look for in expert tree care is dead wood, decay, cankers, insect destruction and chemical poisoning.

Herbicide Application

Tree herbicides are applied to kill undesirable trees, like Brazilian peppers, Australian pines and Melaleuca, stumps and foliage which compete with our native Florida species. Our Tampa tree care experts spray various commercial herbicides to address your specific needs. A state license is required for this service and you can trust Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, a licensed Tampa Bay tree care company.

Certified Mangrove Pruning in Tampa Bay

Mangroves are tropical trees that offer a unique habitat along Florida's estuaries. Many Tampa Bay neighborhoods have mangroves that require trimming. The Department of Environmental Regulation protects the trimming of these mangroves, so mangrove trimming should always be left to a certified professional. Pete & Ron's Tree Service company in Florida has ISA Certified arborists on staff that are Tampa certified mangrove trimmers, having the training and knowledge to understand these complex laws. We can prune your mangroves professionally to meet all Florida state and local Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota county requirements.

Construction Site Tree Preparation – Site Development Consultation

Prior to construction, an expert tree evaluation needs to be conducted. Pete & Ron’s Tree Service has been providing expert tree services to commercial, industrial and local government agencies in Tampa Bay since 1973, including numerous municipalities, businesses, golf courses and real estate developers.


Tree Lightning Protection System

A tree lightning protection system is also available by the Tampa tree experts at Pete and Ron’s Tree Service for trees that are historic, of great economic value, or large trees close to a structure that should be protected from lightning. Large trees in Tampa Bay parks or golf courses where people seek refuge during a storm should also have a tree lightning protection system installed.