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Tree Care

Tree Care

Tampa Bay Tree Care Services in Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties.

The trees in your yard provide more than shade. Trees give you a breath of fresh air and add character to your home. But when insects or diseases threaten your trees, you could lose the beautiful yard you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. To save your property from tree damage, call our certified arborist for tree care services in St. Petersburg, Brandon, Temple Terrace and surrounding areas.

Preserve Your Trees’ Health

At Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc., we know that healthy, well-maintained trees add value to your home and enhance your quality of life. In Florida, your trees also face specific hazards, like pine beetle infestations, hurricanes, and lighting strike damages.

Proper diagnosis and treatment will help you avoid the dangers associated with tree sickness. Rely on our experts to improve the health of your oak, pine, ornamental, and palm trees.

Recognize Signs of Trouble

If you spot any of these warning signs, call us today:

  • Dead branches

  • Fallen branches

  • Storm damage

  • Cavities or decay in the trunk

  • Fungus

  • Insects, such as termites

  • Leaves or flowers falling out of season

Let our certified arborists handle the process of sick tree care. Our professional staff will diagnose your tree’s problem and decide on a specialized treatment plan. For minor infections, we can prune the tree to stop the spread of infection or infestation. For more serious cases, we may recommend tree removal before the problem escalates.

Some of our other treatments and maintenance services include:

  • Insecticide  application to protect the tree

  • Tree cabling and bracing

We also offer tree lightning protection systems to prevent damage before it happens. If necessary, we can also take care of any stump removal. If we need to remove any part of your tree, we always recycle it into free wood chips or mulch to beautify local yards.

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For any tree care services in Tampa, Clearwater, Temple Terrace or the surrounding areas, ask for Pete & Ron’s Tree Service Inc. Let our training and time-tested methods cure your trees and return your yard to health.

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