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Tree Maintenance

Proudly providing affordable quality tree service to Hillsborough, and Pinellas Counties Since 1973!



When you need to remove dead branches or brace a newly planted tree, look to experts who can do the job quickly and professionally. At Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc., we provide tree trimming and removal for Florida homeowners and businesses. No matter which service you need, you can count on us to provide it in a timely and professional manner.



What We Offer

Since 1973, we’ve helped thousands of Floridians across Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties. We make it our top priority to provide you affordable and effective tree trimming and removal services. To ensure the safety and beauty of your trees.


Tree trimming

Before you start trimming your tree, consult our tree experts at Pete & Ron’s Tree Service. Tree trimming accidents result in hundreds of injuries every year. Our team of professional arborists can give you a free estimate and keep you out of the emergency room.

Mangrove pruning

Contact the ISA-certified professionals at Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc. to professionally manage your mangrove trees. We’re trained and certified to trim and prune your mangroves and other sensitive foliage in accordance with all of Florida’s strict state and county regulations.

Tree & stump removal

Our professional crew ensures that any compromised tree (diseased or falling) is removed safely and efficiently. If your tree can be saved, our crew will secure the tree with cables or braces to ensure healthy tree growth.


Dead wooding of a tree is required for safety and the health of the tree. Dead limbs are hazards to people and property. Removal of these limbs eliminates this threat and allows the tree to heal these dead and decayed areas more efficiently.


Pruning is an art—with the right touch, you can rid your trees of dead, hazardous branches. Then healthy tree limbs can flourish as never before. Pete & Ron’s tree pruning services in Tampa Bay area, FL give your trees all they need to grow healthy and strong.

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We offer our tree trimming and removal to resident homeowners and businesses alike.

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Tried and True

For over 45 years, our clients have trusted us as their top tree care provider in Florida. Our certified arborists implement the best practices to maintain your trees’ health and appearance. When you choose us to trim, remove, or otherwise maintain your trees, you can expect them to remain beautiful and healthy throughout the year.


If you need tree trimming and removal in Tampa, FL or any surrounding city, don’t hesitate to contact us.