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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

How to Use Plants to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Do you love the music of songbirds? Do you enjoy the sight of beautiful birds in flight? Do you look for flapping wings whenever you gaze out your kitchen window? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, turn your yard into a haven for birds so you can enjoy visits from these beautiful creatures more often. Follow the four steps below to optimize your landscaping for birds.

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The Ultimate Fruit Tree Guide

If you live in Florida, you know there’s no better place in the United States to grow fruit. Florida’s tropical climate and mild, sunny weather create some of the juiciest and most delicious fruit available-oranges, tangerines, guava, bananas, mangos, grapefruit, and papaya are just a few of the fruits that flourish in the southeastern tip of the US.

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4 Animals That Live in Florida Trees and How to Deal with Them

Florida’s climate offers optimal living conditions for many animals. Several of those creatures dwell in or around trees in urban areas. You might hear tree frogs croaking in your backyard at night or come upon a snake resting on a branch. You don’t mind if animals use your trees as a home as long as they don’t harm the trees or the environment.

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Kimberly Woebse
8 Famous Fictional Trees

Whether you’re waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store or flipping through channels on TV, you see celebrity faces everywhere. Are you tired of hearing about human celebrities? Then read about some arboreal celebrities instead. Here’s a list of eight famous fictional trees in books, movies, and videogames.

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7 Signs You Need to Trim Your Trees

You make your yard into an outdoor haven. You mow your lawn every week, eradicate all threatening weeds, and surround your home with innovative flower arrangements. You do everything you can to keep your plant life healthy and vibrant-but you don’t know what to do with your trees.

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