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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Natural Tree & Root Pruning Services

Pruning is an art—with the right touch, you can rid your trees of dead, hazardous branches. Then healthy tree limbs can flourish as never before. Pete & Ron’s tree pruning services in Tampa Bay area, FL give your trees all they need to grow healthy and strong.

The Right Pruning for You

Our ISA-certified team uses professional pruning methods to help solve many of the problems associated with Florida trees. With expert pruning, your tree can avoid disease and infestation, giving you healthy growth year after year.   

Tree Thinning and Mistletoe Removal

A crowded tree canopy threatens your tree’s health. Thinning a tree’s branches allows for a healthy amount of light and wind to pass through.

And while mistletoe is great on your door frame during the holidays, you don't want it bothering your trees. The plant can weaken, destroy, and even kill a tree. Our team removes mistletoe safely and efficiently so you avoid tree damage.

Root Pruning        

We recommend tree root pruning for our Clearwater, FL and Tampa, FL area customers. This service prevents tree roots from uplifting your driveway, walkway, or swimming pool. Our tree experts inspect every root, protecting your property and your trees.

Certified Mangrove Pruning

In Florida, mangroves can quickly get out of hand. Keep mangroves trimmed so they grow where you want them—never where you don’t.

The Department of Environmental Regulation oversees mangrove pruning in Tampa Bay. Our professional arborists are certified to professionally trim and prune your mangroves according to state and local requirements.

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Do you lack the green touch? Then trust Pete & Ron’s to give you expert advice and service. We’ll make sure your tree grows healthy and strong.

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